23 Ocak 2012 Pazartesi

Hotel The Exchange

     Mixing architecture and fashion is so trendy these days.This is also one of the hotels which dressed up by designers and ı don't want to pass this without mentioning after Hotel Moschino.
    Hotel The Exchange is located in the very heart of Amsterdam on one of the city's liveliest street,the Damrak.All rooms have been individually designed and dressed by greatly talented students and graduates of the Amsterdam Fashion Academy.The concept of this project is 'rooms dressed as a model.' Hotel has 61 rooms and  each ranging from 1 to 5 stars (the amount of stars measures the size of the room and the amenities available in that room)I think all of them are piece of artwork individually.Each room completetly different from the next,you may sleep in the room which dressed by braided fabrics that hangs from the ceiling, or you may prefer the 'Emperor's New Clothes' where ottoman patterned fabrics are used and there is always a 'suprise' and etc.There are many rooms but  the prices are a bit expensive ,starts from £350.But if you evaluate by the location,comfort,service,design etc.. its definately worth to stay!

14 Ekim 2011 Cuma

Our Grandmother's Chests

 I thınk ıts not necessary to repeat again and again that we love old things.If we want to use some vıntage object in our house,chests and valıses are so suitable for this concept.You can use it like accessories or you can also use it like a low table.Its useful to store up things.In general these objects are grandmothers favourites so if you dont want to walk around you can take a look at her's.But ıf you like to hang around antique stores like me,ı am sure you can find scathless and still usable ones.It won't be easy to come by.

6 Ekim 2011 Perşembe

Hotel FOX

                                               Two Swans                                              

                                             King's Forest



One day if you visit Copenhagen ,there is a must-seen hotel which is Hotel Fox.In total it has a 61 rooms and they are designed in different styles.Rooms designed by 21 different illustrators,graphic designers and graphitti designers all around the world and who are the best in the sector.Each room is an artwork individually.You can find as many concept as  you can imagine, like street art ,fairy tales and  imaginary monsters etc...Actually it's a wrong  declaration because you can experience one of these styles that you cant even ımagıne.If you visit the Hotel's web site you’ll  find more information about the rooms and designers ..Hotel Fox

20 Eylül 2011 Salı

Dynamic Yellow

Yellow represents lively and fresh.Its the shiniest colour of the pallete.So it diffuses the energy to the place where you use it.Yellow is the color which ı lıke  best in interior so i don't want to continue without mention it.When we use yellow the tones are also important.Because when it's getting closer to green its symbolizes negative things and cowardice.There is another thing that yellow  represents ;consumption.After a while it can be annoying,and ıt makes us get bored.So we should arrange it's dose carefully.Especially in low ceilings and dark places we may prefer yellow.So it reflects the lights more and make it shinier.Living rooms and kitchens are suitable for usıng yellow.But there is one more thing that we should be careful about;in nurseries or childrens rooms, yellow makes them cry and they find it difficult to sleep.It is a result of a researches.And this was a little note for you from me.

19 Eylül 2011 Pazartesi

For who cares about their comfort...

Who said the hammacks are only for gardens? I haven’t thought before but after i saw this ,i really like it and i’ve found so many version on the ınternet.Don’t you think that they are so comfortable? If we have to be realistic ,in our little houses,our little living rooms or somewhere else ,we can’t design a place like that easily.But if we can arrange a little corner it makes the place so bohemian.It can be more suitable for a reading corner.When you come home you can leave all you stress in this relaxation corner.I like this idea very much especiallly the last picture.Its not as big as the other samples.It's not a thing that we can't apply.If one day i will move ınto a bıg house ,this idea is one of the priority things on the list.

4 Temmuz 2011 Pazartesi

These Stairs Are So Enjoyable

I guess when we decorate our houses ,the stairs are the last thing that we think about.I mean, we think about the materials like wood or marble or something else.Or we definitely think about the handrails.But we miss an important point; zinging up the  front surface of stairs.I’ve found too many samples on the ınternet.These are the ones which i like most.We can cover with ceramic,or we can paint different color on each step.If we  find a good template we can paint with it.It is up to our joy.If you have  stairs in your house it may be useful to check these samples.