23 Ocak 2012 Pazartesi

Hotel The Exchange

     Mixing architecture and fashion is so trendy these days.This is also one of the hotels which dressed up by designers and ı don't want to pass this without mentioning after Hotel Moschino.
    Hotel The Exchange is located in the very heart of Amsterdam on one of the city's liveliest street,the Damrak.All rooms have been individually designed and dressed by greatly talented students and graduates of the Amsterdam Fashion Academy.The concept of this project is 'rooms dressed as a model.' Hotel has 61 rooms and  each ranging from 1 to 5 stars (the amount of stars measures the size of the room and the amenities available in that room)I think all of them are piece of artwork individually.Each room completetly different from the next,you may sleep in the room which dressed by braided fabrics that hangs from the ceiling, or you may prefer the 'Emperor's New Clothes' where ottoman patterned fabrics are used and there is always a 'suprise' and etc.There are many rooms but  the prices are a bit expensive ,starts from £350.But if you evaluate by the location,comfort,service,design etc.. its definately worth to stay!