14 Haziran 2011 Salı

Hotel Moschino

I ‘ve talked about the caravan penthouses  in Cape Town before.And Hotel Moschino in Milan is also  one of the hotel which i hope  to stay one day.It was used as a train station in the 1840s and then  renovated  to the amazing hotel.It was designed by Stefano Urgalo and the design director of Moschino ,Rosella Jardini.They designed 16 different concepts for 65 rooms.You may want to stay in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and having a tea time on the table which is like a coffee cup.Or  you’ll stay in ‘Life is a bed of roses’ and sleep within the roses.Maybe you  prefer ‘Clouds’ for having a  peaceful dreams between sheep and clouds.And the lightings in a shape of a woman's dress at the lobby is the reason for you to go there and at least having a drink.

I thınk it’s worth seeing this Hotel which makes us feel like we are in a fairytale.It is near  the most lively streets of Milan ,Corso Como and Garbaldi.The lowest price is 230 Euro (breakfast included).I think ı must start to save money in case of staying there one day.

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