20 Eylül 2011 Salı

Dynamic Yellow

Yellow represents lively and fresh.Its the shiniest colour of the pallete.So it diffuses the energy to the place where you use it.Yellow is the color which ı lıke  best in interior so i don't want to continue without mention it.When we use yellow the tones are also important.Because when it's getting closer to green its symbolizes negative things and cowardice.There is another thing that yellow  represents ;consumption.After a while it can be annoying,and ıt makes us get bored.So we should arrange it's dose carefully.Especially in low ceilings and dark places we may prefer yellow.So it reflects the lights more and make it shinier.Living rooms and kitchens are suitable for usıng yellow.But there is one more thing that we should be careful about;in nurseries or childrens rooms, yellow makes them cry and they find it difficult to sleep.It is a result of a researches.And this was a little note for you from me.

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