19 Eylül 2011 Pazartesi

For who cares about their comfort...

Who said the hammacks are only for gardens? I haven’t thought before but after i saw this ,i really like it and i’ve found so many version on the ınternet.Don’t you think that they are so comfortable? If we have to be realistic ,in our little houses,our little living rooms or somewhere else ,we can’t design a place like that easily.But if we can arrange a little corner it makes the place so bohemian.It can be more suitable for a reading corner.When you come home you can leave all you stress in this relaxation corner.I like this idea very much especiallly the last picture.Its not as big as the other samples.It's not a thing that we can't apply.If one day i will move ınto a bıg house ,this idea is one of the priority things on the list.

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