13 Haziran 2011 Pazartesi

Bistro Chairs

If you want to  feel  atmospheres at Paris Bistros in your house,Tolix chairs are suitable for you.They are redesigned buy Xavier Pouchard in 1934,and became a symbol of the Bistros.You can also see these chairs at Moma,Pompidou Center and Vitra Design Museum.In time it became a cult worldwide and it’s suggested for the exteiors.As you can see ,you may also use them in interiors easily.
You can find so many colors of these chairs.You may use just one color or many colors at the same time.It depens on your mood.If you like vintage you can also find the old ones,maybe the originals.And of course these stylish chairs are a little expensive.They start from 300 Euro a piece.You may get on the internet especially on the ebay.

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