20 Haziran 2011 Pazartesi

Wall to Wall Drawingboards

 This boards aren't even used at school anymore.When we think that they are left in past ,they have already got their place in our houses.As well as the bigger ones are as well trendy.I prefer wall to wall ones,but it depends on you and your joys.We may use them in kitchens in a classic way but i think it will be something different to use them in  children’s rooms.It helps to ımprove childrens creativity and also you will have fun when you are doing it.You may make a great concept in kitchens and dining rooms especially with the wall to wall ones.It will be diffent to prefer boards to wallpapers.You may write the menu of the day ,or the lyrics of a song that you like and maybe the quotes which express your feelings of the day.If you live in a crowded family,it may be a funny way to communicate.

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