16 Haziran 2011 Perşembe

Summer Has Come ,Time To Color!

I think my mind is busy with chairs these days.These wroght iron chairs,which  was designed by David La Versha,are so enjoyable.I couldn’t decide  which color and the model are the best .It is suggested for exteriors but definitely  it will be a great alternative for the kitchens.Because of being a special design ,they’re a bit expensive .
$ 248.00 per one.You can order from the different internet sites.But there is one other option;you can have them made. Maybe they won’t be the same as the originals but you can have them in your own design  for a more cheaper price.They don't have to be the same also,i love the idea more than the chairs.

2 yorum:

  1. bence sarının şekli ile mavinin rengini birleştirdin mi süpper olur :) hatta yazlıklarda falan eskiden kalma böyle sandalyeler renk renk boyanabilir, ay evet sevdim bu fikri :)

  2. evet turkuaz ınanılmaz güzel.Dediğin gibi eskicilerde de cok var aslında böle ferforje sandalyeler bauhaustan da boyalar alındı mı tamamdır bu iş:)